Metal Stampings

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Broad Range of Metal Stampings

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Broad Range of Metal Stampings Broad Range of Metal Stampings Broad Range of Metal Stampings Broad Range of Metal Stampings

Whip City Tool & Die Corporation designs and produces a broad range of metal stampings may include, but are not limited to:

• Bearing Cages
• Clutch Cages
• Retainer Cages
• Roller Bearing Cages
• Needle Bearing Cages
• Seperator Cages

• Flat Wire Stampings
• Round Wire Stampings

• Electrical Contacts
• Electrical Contact Blades
• Electrical Contact Plugs
• Electrical Contact Jaws

• Clamps
• Components
• Connectors
• Conveyor Links
• Ferrules
• Metal Fasteners
• Pipe Hangers
• Stamped Clips

• Fourslide Stampings
• Multislide Stampings
• Vertislide Stampings

• Bending Die Stampings
• Blanking Die Stampings
• Coining Die Stampings
• Compound Die Stampings
• Cut-off Die Stampings
• Extrusion Die Stampings
• Embossing Die Stampings
• Forming Die Stampings
• Piercing Die Stampings
• Progressive Die Stampings
• Side Cam Die Stampings
• Single-station Die Stampings
• Trim Die Stampings

Metal Stampings Capabilities

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Metal Stampings Capabilities »

• Long or short runs
• Cost effective metal stampings
Design Consultation, Reverse Engineering & Proto-type available
MADE IN USA metal stampings
RoHS compliant metal stampings
REACH compliant metal stampings
DFARS compliant metal stampings
Conflict Minerals Law compliant metal stampings
TAA compliant metal stampings

STRIP WIDTH:up to 4"
WIRE DIAMETER:up to .250"Ø

up to 14"

*Greater part lengths achieved through tooling modifications.

PRESS CAPACITY:up to 40 tons

up to 120 tons

*Dependent upon number of press heads mounted on machine.

Capabilities: Pressworking Machinery | V-81 Vertislide | V-82 Vertislide | V-82.5 Vertislide | V-83 Vertislide

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Metal Stamping Operations

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Metal Stampings Operations

• Bending Operations for Metal Stampings

Bending operations bend blanks to predetermined angle such as a "L" bracket which bends a straight piece of metal to a 90 degree angle (See Forming for curved bend).

• Blanking Operations for Metal Stampings

Blanking operations cut a flat piece of material to the required shape in one operation. Generally cutting the outside contour of a part, often used for parts with no internal features. The finish part is referred to as a blank.

• Coining Operations for Metal Stampings

Coining operations form different features on either side of the blank using the punch or die to squeeze the blank instead of bending.

• Extrusion Operations for Metal Stampings

Extrusion operations use extremely high pressure from the punch to squeeze the metal out into the desired form.

• Forming Operations for Metal Stampings

Forming operations bend blanks along a curved surface (See Bending for straight bend).

• Piercing Operations for Metal Stampings

Piercing operation is used to pierce holes and other shapes in metal stampings.

• Punching Operations for Metal Stampings

Punching operation is used to punch holes and other shapes in metal stampings.

• Trimming Operations for Metal Stampings

Trimming operations cut away excess or unwanted irregular features from a part, this is normally the last operation performed.

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Metal Stamping Secondary Operations

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secondary operations
Whip City Tool & Die Corporation offers parts washing and deburring, in another effort to cut costs and eliminate subcontracting for secondary operations.

• Deburring
Parts are deburred for different purposes. Some parts are deburred for pre-plate finishing, others are for luster, brighten or clean and, of course, for burr removal.

• Parts Washing
Handling during part assembly and/or different applications cannot be performed on "dirty" oily parts. Parts are cleaned (oil-free and lubricant-free) when required by our customers.

Also Available
• Heat Treating

• Plating, etc.

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Industries Served

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Industries may include, but are not limited to:

• Aerospace and Aircraft Industries
• Agricultural
• Automotive Industry
• Commercial Hardware
• Domestic Appliances
• Electrical
• Electronics Industry
• Food Industries
• Government Jobs
• Gun and Firearms
• Health & Beauty
• Heating & Furnance Components
• Lighting
• Machinery
• Manufacturing
• Medical Industry
• Military & Defense Industries
• Oil Industry
• Surgical Industry

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strip steel coilMaterials may include, but are not limited to:

• Stainless Steel (SS)
• Low Carbon Cold Rolled Steel (CRS)
• High Carbon Cold Rolled Steel (CRS)
• Copper
• Brass
• Nickel
• Flat Wire
• Round Wire

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