Tool & Die Designers | Design Consultation | Reverse Engineering

Designing our customer's product in a cost-effective method.

Whip City Tool & Die Corporation's tool & die designer's combine hands-on knowledge of machine and shop operations with today's latest computer-aided design (CAD) software to design machine tools, parts and stamping dies in a cost effective method for our customers. Read more »

Tool & Die Designers      Design Consultation

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Tool & Die

Tool & Die Makers | CAD, CAM, CNC, & EDM

Developing & producing new tools & dies. Repairing worn & damaged tools, dies, gauges, jigs & fixtures.

Whip City Tool & Die Corporation designs tooling for our customer's products. Tool & die makers produce tools, dies and special guiding and holding devices that enable Fourslide, Multislide & Vertislide machines to manufacture a variety of products. Read more »

EDM  Tool & Die Makers   Tool & Die Makers  Design Consultation

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Metal Stampings

Capabilities | Secondary Operations | Materials | Custom

Cost effective metal stampings | Long or short runs | Broad range of metal stampings

Tool & Die MakersTeamwork between our precision tool & die designers, skilled tool & die makers, reliable & capable employees, and superior resources & equipment make up the foundation of Whip City Tool & Die Corporation and give us our reputation as a strong manufacturing competitor producing cost effective metal stampings.

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Fourslide, Multislide & Vertislide Machines » Pressworking Machinery

Capabilities | Punch Press Operations | Stampings

***3 Machines Available - V-82 Vertislides - For Sale***

Whip City Tool & Die Corporation specializes in repairing and rebuilding Fourslide, Multislide & Vertislide machines.

Fourslide, Multislide & Vertislide machines produce precision metal stampings at extremely close tolerances at extremely high speeds which cut production time and costs by eliminating secondary operations.

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Cams | Harmonic Cams | Plate Cams

Whip City Tool & Die Corporation specializes in producing cams for Fourslide, Multislide, & Vertislide machines.

• Cost effective cams
• Cams for Fourslide, Multislide, & Vertislide machines
      → Harmonic Cams
      → Plate Cams
Design Consultation available
Reverse Engineering available
• Cam Repair

Harmonic Cams           CAD drawing - Harmonic Cam         Harmonic Cams

          Harmonic Cams                       CAD drawing - Harmonic Cam                  Harmonic Cams

Plate Cams           CAD drawing - Plate Cam         Plate Cams

                 Plate Cams                          CAD drawing - Plate Cam                     Plate Cams

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EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Whip City Tool & Die Corporation is set-up to use EDI with customers who require a paperless system for order forms, invoices, bill of lading and a variety of documents containing specific or crucial data.

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